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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
This is exactly why Excadrill will never make the list of "Most Disappointing Pokémon From The Fifth Generation". It's one of the most bad-ass Pokémon out there, and its attack power when it gets to higher levels literally crushes opponents. My first trip upstairs in the Battle House in Opelucid featured him in my trio, already at Lv.41; all you have to do is spam Earthquake thrice (in a Rotation Battle, while in Triple Battle you would KO your teammates) and the battle is over. It will become one of the top Pokémon in my PC, personally.

I'll VM you with advice on catching one if you're interested.

I don't remember if I posted it in this one or another like it, but Excadrill was posted here XD

The one I had failed horribly. It died really easily against most Pokemon that it really shouldn't have. Its best used in metagame where you can take advantage of its abilities, otherwise it was horrible for me to use and I ended up ditching it before I got to Brycen.
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