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Quote originally posted by AceDragonite:
This is kind of a cool game I think 8)

No but seriously, seeing the progress of this game firsthand and helping with ideas and all that jazz, I know this game will be great. The indoor tiles are exceptionally sublime lol (Y), as well as your eventing, although you can't really see all of that in action here since it's just screenshots.
Oh you're too kind.

Quote originally posted by Spherical Ice:
Wow, with such a great team there's no way this could go wrong! Especially that Spherical Ice guy, I heard he's a great dude.

Anyway, you know i love this so far. There are so many quirks that build up, from the introduction sequence to just being asleep in pyjamas etc. I'm so hyped to see this finished. :D
Thanks. :3

Quote originally posted by DaSpirit:
Wow screens look nice. I see you can change your clothes in this game? To what extent could you do so?

Also, interesting choice of starters.
As of right now, there's just a really small event where you need to put on your clothes and fix up your bedhead. I plan on including more outfit changes.

But yeah, thanks!

Quote originally posted by Riansky:
Wow this is sweet! I really like the whole tileset desing. Its something new and it looks really nice! I really like the idea of clothes changing. Can't wait to see more! Also I can help you map if you want ^^
Thanks! Yeah some mapping help would be cool.

Quote originally posted by Zerobot:
I have to ask how will the game be balenced since vulpix is the only one out of the selected starters that evolves with a stone? Have you changed it so that it evolves at a certain level? Other than that the game looks good so far.
Like DaSpirit said, I've changed all of the starters to evolve to their second evolution somewhere in the late 20's. I'll leave that to you guys to find out exactly when.

Quote originally posted by tylerab01:
Yes yes, if I had more time I could script for you, but that is the reason I stopped scripting for Imperial Sky and Ameritine.
Scripting help would be cool, yeah. We don't really need much so maybe if you're up for doing a few things just PM me or note me on deviantART.

Quote originally posted by zingzags:
Finally another game with a graphical eye gasm.

Not much of an update but I added in Holly's full body mugshot to the first post so there's something new for you guys to look at until we've got a proper update ready.