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Originally Posted by Pingouin7 View Post
What do I think?
You didn't miss much.
Disagreed. Gen I was awesome back in the day. Anyone aged 18-22 who didn't have this game during their childhood definitely missed out.

Yellow is much better than R/B/G because graphically speaking, everything is so much nicer to look at. Other than that it's pretty much exactly the same gameplay wise, just with different Pokemon that are unobtainable (and you have to start with Pikachu, which is unfortunate if you don't have a way of trading to R/G/B/G/S/C to evolve it and trade it back).

If you enjoyed all the other games (FireRed/LeafGreen in particular), you'll definitely enjoy Yellow. It's basically just a less graphically enhanced version of FRLG with a few different game mechanics and not as many moves/Pokemon.
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