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Quote originally posted by XanderO:
I don't remember if I posted it in this one or another like it, but Excadrill was posted here XD

The one I had failed horribly. It died really easily against most Pokemon that it really shouldn't have. Its best used in metagame where you can take advantage of its abilities, otherwise it was horrible for me to use and I ended up ditching it before I got to Brycen.
You must have ended up with a relatively weaker one. I've never had a problem with mine. That and a Zoroark are among my strongest Pokémon. It's amazing how two people can have completely different experiences with the same Pokémon.

One thing I note is that Drilbur evolves shortly before Brycen's level (at earliest Lv.31) but, if evolving is held off, can learn Earthquake at Lv.33. That combined with a combination of moves that can wipe out a variety of types makes it efficient as a regular team member now, but not as much in the maingame where I agree I didn't have an easy time using it. Only after it became Excadrill did it look bad-ass and start getting strong.

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