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I AM OFFICIALLY ENTERING THIS ROLEPLAY because skyrim told me so because I've been very tempted to do so! The SU is finally finished!


Logan Locks

Appearance: In spite of having a boy’s name, Logan describes herself as a “one true tomboy”, preferring mostly men’s clothing rather than women’s clothing. When people meet her for the first time, their first thought is her sexuality, but in truth, she is straight. Her name does have something to do with her current style and appearance.

Logan is 6’1, athletic, weighing at an average 130 pounds. She likes to keep her body the way she is, and working out at the gym and dancing to Zumba tends to work very well in keeping her weight. She is lightly-tanned on her skin, but pale white on her face. Her hair is a mixture of blonde and brunette coloring. Many people, not even herself can’t even tell what her true hair color is. She usually says that she has light brown hair, but she could be mistaken. Her bangs are long enough to cover her right eye, and always wears a ponytail. What holds her ponytail is a small, green hair tie that holds her ponytail higher in her head. Her eyes are a shade of brown, sparkling when staring at the reflection of light, with straight-line eyebrows and non-curled eyelashes above them. She never wears earrings, refusing to wear them even if her mother had convinced her when she was a little girl. Earrings make her girlier than she is now. Aside from not wearing earrings, she does not wear makeup. She is regretfully allergic to their chemicals.

The only jewelry Logan wears is her charm bracelet of a star. It is a star-shaped diamond surrounded with a solid gold border, and the bracelet wrapped around her wrist is a rope-like chain. She also wears a small chain necklace with a pearl as a charm.

Logan’s clothing consists of mostly men’s wear rather than women’s wear, though it varies sometimes. For top, tank tops are her specialty. She’ll be wearing a spaghetti-strap tank top every day as the weather varies. At times, her tanks have straps at an inch long, because apparently she adores her shoulders. She does not have a particular favorite color in terms of tops or t-shirts, though black would be the color she would wear the most. On colder days, she’ll wear a long-sleeved, buttoned-up shirt to depict her “tomboyish-ness”.

For the bottom, khaki shorts are Logan’s preference. But she wears more Bermuda Shorts a lot more than khakis in a week. She adores jeans as her clothing style, so any shorts as jeans…she’ll totally wear it. Converse shoes are her specialty when it comes to going on long trips, exercising, and journeys, so she wears them all the time…though her pair of Converse shoes are originally black, but faded to a greenish color due to washing them frequently.

Roleplay Sample

“Annnnnd that’s a wrap! Good workout, guys! See ya tomorrow.”

The dance room was humid, with a stench of sweat all over. Windows were open, the air conditioner was on, and participants, both men and women, of the Zumba class in Iccirus City were packing up, drying off from sweating a lot, and heading out of the gym or heading to work out some more. The instructor, wearing a black t-shirt and shorts was disconnecting the boombox and gets approached by several regulars.

A woman with short black hair, pink sports bra and white capri shorts walked by the crowd, to approach another regular who was sitting down at the chairs, resting up after a rigorous workout. Her blondish brown hair up in a ponytail, with her front bangs clinging down from her head. She was changing her shoes, from workout shoes to black workout sandals. She looked up and saw the woman coming up to her, and smiled happily.

“How ya feelin’, Deirdre?” She asked her excitedly.

The short black haired woman shrugged and signed. “Tired, but I feel very energetic, Logan!” she replied, “I might hit the showers later, but I want to try out the new stationary bikes that came in last week. Haven’t done so!”\

The blondish brown-haired woman, Logan, picked up her workout bag and stood up from her chair, showing off her green spaghetti-strap tank and black Bermuda shorts. “I tried those yesterday. They were faster and quicker than the previous ones.”

The two walked out of the dance room, and passed by several people working out in treadmills, weightlifting, and cycling on the stationary bikes. “I’m so going to try one now, are you?” Deirdre asked Logan.

“I can’t right now. Apparently I’m…supposed to meet this man,” Logan replied, with an expressionless face. “I got this email last night from this Jude Laughner guy. He wants to see me regarding the news on Pandora.’” She took out her phone to open up the email, while two muscle-buffed men passed by the two women and winked. Deirdre ignored both of the men as the passed by.

“You mean regarding that announcement that’s been playing around the media? Really?” Deirdre was in amazement when Logan mentioned the Pandora announcement.

“Yeah,” As Logan found the email on her phone, she then shows it to Deirdre. “Read it. Sounds too good to be true, right?”
As Deirdre takes the phone, she calmly reads the email:

To: Logan Locks <[email protected]>
From: Jude Laughner <[email protected]>
Subject: Proposal

Greetings, my name is Jude Laughner. I’ve heard much about you as an explorer, and I would like to learn a bit more about you. You may have heard a lot about the lost treasure of the four brothers on TV or anywhere media is proposed. The treasure is *still* hidden around Pandora, and no one has found it ever since.

I am asking for your help in looking for this treasure. You will be compensated for you time exploring this wonderful area. This might sound like a job offer but honestly, this is probably something you’d like to go for, since you’ve had experience in exploring in many of the regions of the Pokemon world.

If you become interested in this mission, then I invite you to meet me at the Iccirus Coffee Bar on the corner of E & F street tomorrow morning. I’ll be wearing a brown hat with a brown buttoned-up t-shirt. I shall be expecting you.

With kind regards,
Jude Laughner.

“I don’t know, Logan,” Deirdre wasn’t sure about the email she just read from Logan, “It just looks quite suspicious. But then, I know you very well and I think you might have a thirst for adventure. I’m not saying ‘don’t go’, but it’s up to you, really.”

Logan chuckled at Deirdre. “Oh, Deez, of course I always have a thirst for adventure. I kind of wanted to see what that land looks like, but at the same time I am not too certain,” She crossed her arms after putting her phone away in her bag. So many questions were popping up in her mind, asking about who was this Jude Laughner guy. As much as she wanted to follow Deirdre’s expressions and her “don’t go” tone, she decided to ignore it. She starts to quickly imagine what Pandora would be like, beautiful landscapes, Pokemon, and many hills to explore.

“Logan?” Deirdre called out.


“Like I said, it’s up to you. I’m not gonna stop you.”

“Yeeeeeeah,” Logan said, positioning her bag aside. “Listen, I’ll call you tonight, okay? I’ll tell you what happened at that meeting with that Laughner guy.” She then starts to walk away.

Deirdre sighed, jumping on the stationary bicycle she grabbed earlier, and starts to pedal on it. “Oh….. kay! Bye…..Looooogaaaaaaaaaan!”

Logan finally walked out of the gym building and took out her phone again. She opened her email application and started typing a few words out as she walked on the streets of Iccirus City.

To: Jude Laughner [email protected]

I am on my way to the coffee shop now. I will see you there.



Iccirus Coffee Shop, on a Tuesday mid-morning it was emptier than usual. For Logan, she usually sees the shop packed. Logan looked around the outskirts of the shop to find Jude Laughner. Not one person at the outside tables, and there were a couple people drinking coffee right beside the window next to the door. Logan approached slowly to the entrance of the coffee shop, and walked inside without making a sound. As expected, she saw that there was two people inside, including a man with the brown hat. Logan quickly thought it was actually Jude Laughner. He was wearing a brown button-up shirt, seemed older than she expected, and he was drinking a medium-sized coffee and reading the newspaper.

Logan slowly approached to the man and poked him with two of her fingers on his left shoulder. The man turned around slowly to glance at her in a calm manner. He became a bit confused at Logan, thinking differently at another person in mind.

“Hi there,” she started, “Are you Jude Laughner? The Pandora guy?”

Jude smiled at Logan, turning completely around in his chair. “Uhh, I…believe I’m looking for Logan? Logan Locks?”

“I am Logan Locks,” she replied.

“Oh,” Jude said, “No offense, but…I thought you were a man at one point.”

Logan shrugged at Jude, dodging the comment. She knew she would get that kind of comment regarding her name. “It’s alright. I get that all the time when I meet someone for the first time.”

“Miss Locks, it is a pleasure to meet you,” Jude stood up from his chair and offered a handshake. Logan took the handshake calmly for a few seconds, locking her eyes on Jude. “Why don’t you have a seat over here?” he offered a chair across from him for Logan to sit in.

“Thank you,” Logan said, as she took a seat. Jude did the same as well. She placed her bag right next to her right leg on the floor.

“First off,” Jude started, “Would you like coffee? Cappuccino? Espresso? I’m buying.”

“I’m not a coffee drinker, thank you,” Logan said firmly, staring fearlessly at Jude. “I’m mainly interested in Pandora. Is there a specific reason why you want me to explore this place?”

Jude took a quick sip of his coffee. “Pandora...well, Pandora is a lustrous place. Legend has it that the four sides of the island, ruled by four siblings, fought for their treasure. It’s currently hidden around Pandora, and it’s up to you and your Pokemon to find this said treasure and return it,” he explained firmly and calmly as he took another coffee sip.

“I apologize, sir,” Logan interrupted. “I…don’t really have that much experience with Pokemon. If you’re looking for someone with lots of experience with Pokemon…like maybe a trainer, then you might want to find someone—“

“I can give you a Pokemon,” Jude slammed his coffee on the table, then proceeded to eye towards Logan’s star-shaped charm bracelet. “It’s the same shape as that star on your wrist. A…Staryu, I should say.”

Logan isn’t convinced, at all. The man only wanted Logan to go out on an adventure to Pandora and explore the region…and bring back this said “hidden treasure” to Laughner. She was starting to lean towards Deirdre’s reaction and was tempted to just leave the table and the coffee shop all together. “I don’t see how a Staryu would help me on this ‘adventure’. Also, explain more about it. Will I be compensated on this?”

“You will,” Jude nodded. “The four siblings hid the treasure after their reign, and it was discovered by a professor named Dr. Arden Stone…the voice of that announcement being played all around the media.”

Then, Logan starts to think about that treasure. It could be gold, diamonds, platinum, all the riches. Maybe she could use some of that treasure, to leave her small Iccirus City home and move to a much bigger city like Castelia. As she thought of it, the same announcement she kept hearing and hearing everyday was being played on the coffee shop speakers. She had most of the announcement’s words memorized, so she knew what it was about. It was also a chance to experience Pokemon, like she couldn’t before. The Staryu Jude mentioned would be a good Pokemon for her, but she wasn’t sure how she would train it, or handle it. At the same time, Logan just wants the slice of adventure. Get out of Iccirus and explore a new place, like she does every year. As a young woman, she still had plenty of time to explore.

The announcement ended and jazz music started to play once again. Jude sipped more coffee, a longer sip than before, and stopped. “Can you tell me how much experience you have with Pokemon?”

Logan started to think. “I only got in contact with a Growlithe and a Vulpix. They’re the guardian Pokemon at the apartment complex I live in at the outskirts of Iccirus. The Vulpix, however is a good friend of mine and sometimes I consider it as mine. I also have a friend who has a Pachirisu as a pet Pokemon. I visit her frequently.”

“So, you’ve never owned, or trained a Pokemon. Ever?”

“No. Never have.”

Jude nodded slowly. “That’s alright then. I’m still going to give you Staryu anyways. You do have a profile of adventurous experiences anyways.”

With crossed arms, Logan leaned back on her chair. “…and where did you get my experience from?”

“Newspapers, of course,” Jude grinned, “A few months ago, you came back from a year-long expedition to Almia.”

“Ahh, yes. Almia. Went there to explore the Butterfree and Beautifly migration taking place every year.” Logan remembered her recent experience travelling. “It was a great experience indeed.”

“See? This is the kind of explorer I’m looking for,” Logan loudly said. “You are very adventurous, despite not having enough experience of Pokemon training, but it doesn’t matter. Logan Locks, I want you to go to Pandora. You are the perfect woman to explore this wild land.”

A brief sigh came out of Logan. Jude seemed desperate for her experience. Did she really want to do this? “What’s the total prize I get for finding this treasure?”

“You get half of the earnings. Enough to buy a mansion in this town, and to leave Iccirus,” Jude replied.
“And you will give me this Staryu, right?”

“Yes, yes! The Staryu is yours. Properly trained to obey you every step of the way.”

Logan finally nodded. She was properly convinced that Jude really wanted her to explore Pandora, to find the treasures hidden all around this land. It was a new anticipation for her, a new adventure. She was officially psyched. “Well, Mr. Laughner, You got yourself a new explorer.”

“Splendid,” Jude replied, “I want you to start as soon as you can.”

“I can go there, first thing tomorrow.” Logan stood up and grabbed her bag, getting ready to go. “You just tell me where, and I’ll pretty much be there.”

“I’ll email you the contents you’ll need, such as maps and other stuff. I will meet you here again tomorrow morning before dawn and we will go on Pandora by boat,” Jude said, picking up his coffee cup. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Locks.”

“Same here. You better know what you’re doing, sir! I am very excited.” She shook hands with Jude and drifted away. “I will see you tomorrow early morning then.”

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