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Quote originally posted by gam3r!:
MOVED FROM THE REGION OF CORNA ?! QUARTZ OW's ?! The project is looking awesome though.I hope you won't be adding fakemons from quartz....
Also i wouldn't consider that Some cities/towns are exact copies of the towns in Kanto and Johto is a feature though....
Good luck
EDIT: Can i download anywhere the original Black granite x ? which was complete ? just asking...
I won't be adding the Fakemon from Quartz.However, in the glitch-free version,there's a mention that Corna pokemon will be in.But you know,it's like Beta 2 so every script was changed since then.Oh,Gam3r,you can't download the original Granite X.It's just too buggy and too glitchy(More buggy than the current version)..

Okay guys, it'sUPDATE TIMEnow!
Pokemon White- and Black-Granite X music differences!
Title theme:
  • BlackGranite X: Original Pokemon TV theme
  • WhiteGranite X: Pokemon Red Beta Pal(l)et(t) music re-mix
Cave music:
  • Pokemon BlackGranite X: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum-Oreburgh City
  • Pokemon WhiteGranite X: Pokemon FR/LG Mt.Moon music
Trainer battle music:
  • Pokemon BlackGranite X: Pokemon Red trainer battle re-mix
  • Pokemon WhiteGranite X: Pokemon Red trainer battle re-mix.
Differences between the trainer battle music(Just extract the MIDI's):
I won't change wild pokemon battle music(the 'starter pokemon'glitch is caused by a bad wild pokemon battle music pointer).

Okay,thanks for reading this rather long update .

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