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Originally Posted by gam3r! View Post
MOVED FROM THE REGION OF CORNA ?! QUARTZ OW's ?! The project is looking awesome though.I hope you won't be adding fakemons from quartz....
Also i wouldn't consider that Some cities/towns are exact copies of the towns in Kanto and Johto is a feature though....
Good luck
EDIT: Can i download anywhere the original Black granite x ? which was complete ? just asking...
I won't be adding the Fakemon from Quartz.However, in the glitch-free version,there's a mention that Corna pokemon will be in.But you know,it's like Beta 2 so every script was changed since then.Oh,Gam3r,you can't download the original Granite X.It's just too buggy and too glitchy(More buggy than the current version)..

Okay guys, it'sUPDATE TIMEnow!
Pokemon White- and Black-Granite X music differences!
Title theme:
  • BlackGranite X: Original Pokemon TV theme
  • WhiteGranite X: Pokemon Red Beta Pal(l)et(t) music re-mix
Cave music:
  • Pokemon BlackGranite X: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum-Oreburgh City
  • Pokemon WhiteGranite X: Pokemon FR/LG Mt.Moon music
Trainer battle music:
  • Pokemon BlackGranite X: Pokemon Red trainer battle re-mix
  • Pokemon WhiteGranite X: Pokemon Red trainer battle re-mix.
Differences between the trainer battle music(Just extract the MIDI's):
I won't change wild pokemon battle music(the 'starter pokemon'glitch is caused by a bad wild pokemon battle music pointer).

Okay,thanks for reading this rather long update .

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