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Casimiro - Morning on Mercury: Training Time

Beep. Briiing. Briiiiiiing. Without looking, Cas rolled over and picked up his phone lying on top of his backpack. He blearily opened his eyes to check who was calling. The caller ID said Mom, and he answered the call.

"Morning, Mom."

"Hi Casi! Sorry it's so early, but I know you probably want to get back on the road soon!" His mother's chirpy voice greeted Cas. "Where are you right now?"

Drawing a mental blank, the trainer sat up and looked around. Around him was the bright painted walls of a Pokemon Center. Light streamed in from the windows, telling him that it was probably past sunrise. "Oh... the Pokemon Center in Mercury City. Was really tired last night actually, so I didn't really care where I slept. I might hit Route 1 to train my Pokemon after I find a place to eat."

"You're not going to have breakfast with us?" Her voice took on a pouty tone. "That's a waste of your allowance!"

Wincing, he had to admit she had a point. "Well, I might stop by for dinner if that's okay."

There was a brief pause before his mother answered. "Okay then, Casi, but don't be late! And show us your Pokemon too!" He heard a click and saw that she had hung up. Didn't even give me a chance to say good-bye... He shook off the thought, knowing that his mom always acted like that over the phone. With a small sigh, Cas swung his legs off the bed he was sleeping on, and tidied up the covers a bit. It was times like these where he was thankful that Pokemon Centers had rooms for trainers to crash for the night. There was a soft snoring noise and Cas looked over at the squishy armchair in the corner.

His Axew, Fortuna, was curled up in the corner while his new Starly, Aerie, was perched on the head of the chair, her head under her wing. They were both sound asleep and Cas didn’t really want to wake them up. A glance at the time on his phone told him that he could probably wait for a bit longer for breakfast. There wasn’t much of a rush really, as a trainer’s journey could take as long as they wanted to take it.

For now, he could kick back and relax until his Pokemons woke up.