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Adeline Densetsu
Divine Water

The little demon's lips curled into a huge grin. By the way Adeline drew back, one could assume someone was holding a dead Rattata up to her face. "Yay, okaa-san!" the rug rat shouted before giving Addie a tight, tight hug. Adeline's face reddened just as she was about to yell at her, but she contained herself and forced a smile when she remembered that there were people right there with them. "Oh yes, I am… okaa-san…" Little brat. You're going to get snot all over my dress.

This nipple nibbler was just asking for an unpleasant experience when they got home. However, Adeline would have trouble deciding what to use. A knife? A hammer? A sword? A meat cleaver? Unwilling, Adeline freed her right arm from the child's grip and patted her on the head. Adeline stared intently down at the kid, her eyes glowing a bright blue as she attempted to get her off with telekinesis.

((This is so short, ew I'm sorry I don't know what else to add in lol))
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