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Ok, I got Ya Yellow - I was thinking if I went with Excadrill, I would be wanting my character to be able to move underground like they do on the anime (or how Drill Run is done) so the transformation would look something like (clothes change is optional) but would play up on the underground speed [plus immune to dizzyness from spinning] as well as the defensive aspects of being ground/steel so perhaps harder skin?

or on the other hand, if i went for a ghost pokemon like Dusknoir ( he would get ghostly powers to walk through walls and stuff

Only other two powers i would be thinking of would be flight from a flying type spirit or levitation (not the hidden ability, but just in general the power to float) and being able to read minds if I were a psychic poke spirit weilder

Oh, one question - are the humans able to detain Poke spirits (just the spirits and not the weilders) since I doubt the adults can fuse with them, and I did have an idea for a interesting back story if you would allow humans to hold poke spirits to conduct experiments on
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