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Quote originally posted by Shining Raichu:
My Eeveon, you're adorable as always, but you should have worn the wolf hat you teased us with :P
Haha, if I knew someone had posted a picture of their's I would've done the same! XD I'll be sure to next time. ;)
Quote originally posted by dragonomega:
@Eeveon, you look adorable o3o
askdjah thank you! o3o
Quote originally posted by Baker's Bulbasaur:
Yeah they are awesome! And Nooooo don't shave! A man needs some facial hair!! xD
I would keep it, but it grew in all weird since I last shaved... D;
Quote originally posted by NintendoQueen:
Hi you look good. Kbye. ;]
Thank you! :3333

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