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Quote originally posted by S7Kid:
Well, those are actually the boards I'm interested in (Trade Corner > Black & White > Competitive Battling Center).
So uhm, I'd like Requility to be my mentor if that's okay.
Requility should have contacted you by now. Have fun! :D

Quote originally posted by Bladethorn:
Hi there, everyone! :D I'm Bladethorn and I came to the forums seeking help in learning how to use Pokemon Essentials with RPG Maker XP. I've always been interested in game making but I know next to nothing about it. So far I've been using tutorials and the wiki to help me get further but after seeing the mentor section I'm jumping to it.
Essentially, I'm looking for a mentor to show me the ropes for Pokemon Essentials and RPG making :)
(If someone is making a game and needs storyline help I'd be more than willing to trade writing assistance for technical help! I'm an experienced writer and would certainly feel less useless if I could trade help-for-help)
The problem here with your request is the Game Development mentor, Abnegation is unavailable at this time to show you around the GD section as well as showing you the ropes on the Pokemon Essentials program offered here on PC. If you would like to wait a bit for him to return, or if you would like to choose a different section to learn about, that's fine!

Quote originally posted by IceFyr1928:
I do belive Cirno sounds best pour moi! XD
Also may need help w/ the app & how to get around onit...
I shall contact Cirno asap. :D You'll hear from her pretty soon. Have fun!
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