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Quote originally posted by Numbers:
I haven't been on Pokecommunity in over a year. Lost 3 stone 4 pounds since January 2012. I'll post a before & after:

Wow man you look great digging the ear rings.

Quote originally posted by Patchisou Yutohru:
Hi I have a new hair color.


Okay, bye!!1
Looking good man. what is your natural hair colour?

Quote originally posted by TheFattestSnorlax:
That's a nice bike you got there mate.
Okay, so... New pictures for meeeeeee!

Here is me at the bowling alley...


At the skating rink...


This one is so cute, me and Henry...

Thanx Snorlax U look great with Henry love the colour of your eyes too.

Quote originally posted by Baker's Bulbasaur:
Literally wouldn't have recognised you O___O

So many attractive faces! Also love that this site proves fool to the theory that Pokemon is a ''Boys'' thing, just as many charming ladies!

A small collection

A ball last week (Me at the front left in grey suit)


On Stage! ''Guys & Dolls''

From my days doing ''Phantom Of The Opera In Concert''

And just being a douche in general
Hahaha the last one looks cute. All in all you look great.

Quote originally posted by Kanto_Johto:
Here's some, pictues sof me after going out toight.



Hopefully they loook good enough
Hahaha Aww u really look cute in those

Quote originally posted by Eeveon:
@Baker's Bulbasaur: I have a wolf hat pretty similar to that one! :D

Just got out of the shower. I really need to shave.
Woah cool hair and sick glasses

Quote originally posted by Requility:
Got hair cut and coloured (to a lighter shade) today, taken in bathroom mirror only because... the light in my room sucks lmao.


I miss wearing makeup. So badly.
Cool New hair colour Nica really nice