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i like cinnamon :)
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Quote originally posted by Polizard'12:
I've made it my goal to own all of the 4th Gen games, which I have achieved, I do plan on playing them, but at the moment I'm busy with studies, the only ones I have played is SoulSilver and Pearl, Its going to take a while to finish the others!
I also have White (Finished Black) so I'll go through the Unova region once more. I just need a second DS so I may trade Pokemon easily...
start platinum as soon as possible it was the best for me

i like cinnamon

Quote originally posted by Grif of Hearts:
Sinnoh will never become boring for me. Certainly my favourite main-game region so far.

Although, saying that, GenV has much more interesting gameplay and a far better story, so I'd say that Black and White are ultimately superior games to those in GenIV. It's fairly balanced though, as it is with most of the other Pokemon Generations. While I'll be focusing more on the recent Pokemon games, I am chipping away at a Steel-type monorun on Platinum.
grate minds think alike ;P
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