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Originally Posted by SuperLow View Post
I have a question, if I am about to post a chapter with a particularly violent or sexual scene would I be allowed to give a warning and then place the chapter into a spoiler? That way people wouldn't have to read the chapter if they didn't want to read the type of content inside it.
I am not exactly sure about this(but posting anyway, lots of time in my hands), but even if a single chapter or a single line has something that is above the current rating, then the rating of the entire fiction should be that of that single scene. At least that's what they do in movies. Even if there's only a teeny tiny bit of a matured scene the entire movie is normally considered inappropriate.
(Even if releasing one chapter with warning is allowed, I don't encourage you to do so. It can disturb your flow, unless you release an alternate version of the scenes maintaining the same flow as the original)

Anyway ignore me, Astinus/bobandbill is your man, he will tell ya what to do.
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