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Vriska Van der Douchevald


"When will this thing arrive?" Vriska asked with an obviously desperate tone.

All of her Pokemon were outside their Pokeballs, her Spinarak was on her shoulder, like always. Her Gastly was hovering over her hair and her Pikachu was sleeping over her feet. Vriska was sitting in the bed of her room, staring across a small window at the sun that was slowly coming out of the horizon.

The handful of sensations that she was feeling when Spinarak was crawling from shoulder to shoulder and also when Gastly was too close of her hair where things she was already used to by that time.

"Wish I could just go to some forest instead of going to classes." She muttered while she was thinking how her mother would be doing in her home. While she was thinking about this, her messed Pokedex beeped a couple of times.

Vriska held the messed gadget that looked like a red book, and opened it. She stared at the touch screen she recently added for some easier brwosing between the chat system and the phone agenda, and after a while she selected the chat system and saw a message from her brother Vincent. How did he knew what my username was? she wondered, of course she knew Vincent's username, mainly because it's vriska's_brother, but no one knew her username, she made sure that it was that way, that's the reason she rarely uses her chat system, no one messages her because no one knows her username, well, almost everyone.

vriska's_brother messaged you

VB: H3y s1st3r! You 1n th3 4c4d3my 4lr34dy?
LB: How in the world do you know what my
username is?

VB: Pl34s3! Who 3ls3 could Lovey-Buggey

LB: God, I thought it was clever! And what's
with the whole 'typing numbers instead of letters'
thing ???

VB: Th4t's b3c4us3 1 must b3 un1qu3, s1st3r!
LB: Uniquely impossible to understand that is l:l
VB: Wh4t3v3r, s1s!
LB: No, I'm not in the goddam academy yet.
By the way, I almost forgot something

VB: Wh4t 1s 1t?
LB: Vincent, were you fond of your Pokeballs case?
VB: Um, 1 gu3ss, why?
LB: Well, let's just say I... kinda burrowed it :P
VB: W41t, wh4t?!
LB: Don't worry, brother, I'll give it back to you...
someday :P

VB: VRISKA! ... 1 m34n, VR1SK4!

Lovey-Buggey logged off.

VB: ... W3ll pl4y3d, s1st3r :)

Vriska couldn't help but laugh in a very loud volume as she tossed the Pokedex to her side, she looked at a sea-blue box laying in the floor next to Pikachu, that was his brother's Pokeball case. Vriska decided that it was finally time to open it, she placed it softly in the bad, being careful of not placing the box over her Pokedex.

She opened it with excitement, which grew when she saw the treasure inside the box: Ultra Balls, Love Balls, Net Balls, every kind of Pokeball (except for the Master Ball, of course) could be found there, along with some money scattered. It's finally time to use these babies she thought while she filled her belt with Pokeballs, as well as her bag, and placing all the money she could find in her pockets.

Thank you so much, Vincent! she thought while letting a small giggle go. Not only was she excited, all of her Pokemon were admiring the shiny coins and the round devices.

She was excited to test all the Pokeballs and to waste all the money as soon as she arrived to the island... But that will have to wait, she first needs to go and learn some stuff during the classes.

"Oh, how fun..." Vriska said with a sarcastic voice as soon as she remembered this.

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