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C.J. Styles
Suicune Dorm

C.J.’s eyes opened at the sound of his alarm clock “Heh, maybe it wasn’t a good idea to get up this early, I’ll sleep a little longer I think,“ his thoughts were disturbed by the sound of his Xtransceiver, “Who could be calling this early?” he thought as he reached for the device.

C.J.: “Um, Hello?
Voice: “Hey C.J. how’d you like your first day?
C.J.: “Oh, hey Dad. It was okay, I’ll be attending my first class today.. Should be fun.
Father: “I see. Well anyway, you’re probably wondering why I’m calling so early? I’ve got a proposition for you.
C.J.: “Oh? And what’s that?
Father: “There’s a Pokemon available on that island that I’d like you to obtain for me, if you do, I’ll trade you an egg for it..
C.J.: “You’re kidding right? A Pokemon for an egg? What Pokemon and what’s in the egg?
Father: “The Pokemon I’m looking for is Golett, as for what’s in the egg, I can’t tell you, just take my word for it when I say you’ll like it.
C.J.: “Alright well if it’s that important I’ll see what I can do. I have to get going though Dad. Talk to you later.
Father: “Good-bye C.J. enjoy your dad. Happy Thanksgiving.
End Conversation

Thanksgiving? C.J. had completely forgot about the holiday. Not that it mattered, he only arrived the night before, he doubted his parents were going to waste the time coming in. Just then his stomach growled, “Guess it’s time to eat huh guys?” He looked at his Pokemon as he got himself ready for the day, he then recalled them all but Ace. “I’ll let you out when we get to the cafeteria. Come on Ace, lets go” he said as he walked out of his room.
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