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This chapter in particular was influenced by a story named Rectified Anonymity by David Garrett. The same fan fic featured on the Topless Robot blog. I got Kutie Pie and JX Valentine to thank for mentioning it at the fan fiction club.

Pokémon Prostitute

Poképhiles: the scum of the earth. Horndogs with nobody to be intimate with seeking thrills from pokémon. Sexual relationships with pokémon are illegal in Sinnoh and I'm quite sure they're illegal in the other pokémon regions too. Team Rocket look like saints next to them. The gardevoir was flustered, but covered in cuts and bruises. I rolled my eyes at the nickname her original trainer gave her. It was a four letter word beginning with C, and I won't be using it any time soon.

An infamous case in Kanto had caused mayhem five years ago. A trainer raped a gardevoir, then had a threesome with a Nurse Joy and her father. The trainer had a gore fetish which cost him, the Nurse Joy and her father their lives. What happened to the gardevoir remained a mystery. They had police and rangers rummaging all over Kanto to find her, but they gave up after a fortnight and assumed she was dead.

It made me wonder if this gardevoir was the same one from the infamous case. The man responsible for the case was named David. Coincidently, the gardevoir's original trainer was called David. One of the paramedics said that when they found her, she was unconscious and covered in human semen. They didn't find the poképhiles that did it to her, but I hope they get the full weight of justice land on their head.

It was one of the scariest cases I've ever heard. But what made me feel worse was that there was much more gruesome abuse that hides behind closed doors. Perhaps I should be a bit more resistant to extreme abuse cases, but it would make anyone with a heart shiver.

I overheard one of the audinos whisper that the gardevoir was beyond help. They had to put her to sleep many times to prevent the other patients from being traumatised. I'm not so sure why Nurse Joy still wanted the gardevoir to be placed in the A&E ward. She had been making strange sounds that made trainers concerned that it could possibly corrupt their pokémon. Some of the trainers won't give their pokémon sex education. Why would they? They probably haven't had sex education either.

If healthcare wasn't free, they'd be suffering like those trainers in Africa. My older sister works as a nurse there, and she's never had a day off. She was still a chansey and the last time she came over to Sinnoh, she broke down in tears because she couldn't evolve into a blissey. All that stress is stopping her from evolving.

I remember evolving from a chansey to a blissey when I finished nursing school and got accepted a place in Smogon University. I remember it as one of the most happiest days of my life. All that hard work and resisting temptation of drugs had paid off. I didn't expect my trainer and I to get separated during university. When they suspected something was up, they demanded my trainers whole team to have a health check, urine test and blood test. My trainer tried to avoid it, but I took the tests anyway. I passed them, since I didn't take any drugs, but the rest of her team failed the tests so she was expelled.

I never heard from my original trainer or any of her team since. One of the lecturers allowed me to rent his old office to sleep in. Then after I graduated, it was him who took me to the underground clinic in Kanto. I was a nurse for a couple of months and then promoted as a matron. I admit looking back my experience at Smogon was dodgy. I wouldn't have recommended that clinic to anyone, but I was able to learn things the hard way.

This patient had to learn things the hard way too: sex education in it's cruellest form. But I can't rush this yet, we haven't properly diagnosed her. It was times like this I wish my arms were longer. It was an unpleasant smell, but the sweet scents weren't doing much for it.

The gardevoir woke up as soon as I lifted her arm. She opened her eyes and yawned. "Where's my master?" She asked in a fragile and broken voice. Her eyes were filled with tears. She swung her arms and looked away from me.

"You won't be seeing your master in a while," I replied.

She twirled her head and her eyes widened. "Why?"

"Your master has done something terrible," I told her. "He's made made you do things that were wrong."

"Am I bad?"

"It's not your fault," I said, forcing myself to smile. "You were abused. That's not your fault. How are you feeling?" The gardevoir said nothing and yawned. I tightened up a bandage on her arm for her. "You should have some rest," I instructed. "We'll talk about this more once you've recovered some energy."

The gardevoir closed her eyes and slept like a log. Let's hope that if this is the same gardevoir, that she will go into a much safer environment. Them filthy poképhiles better get locked up soon, before more pokémon are forced into the illegal sex trade. Gosh if Spiritomb were here, he'd have a lot to say about them psychos.

"It's what we feared Matron," Sparkles said passing me a folder that contained results from the health checks. "She's HIV Positive and it's hacked. Check the scan of her ovaries, there's a broken bad egg in there."

I stopped to the corner and had a look at the results. People with HIV can live a normal life, but it's a deadly disease to pokémon. Pokémon who were both HIV positive and hacked had little chance of survival. The tumours will thrive and continue to grow.

"Okay Sparkles, fetch a full restore, I'll be waiting in the gardevoir's room."

I hurried back to the gardevoir's room and she was still asleep. The full restore wouldn't cure her conditions, but it will help towards killing any bad eggs. Being a psychic type, she would only need a full restore to eliminate the tumours. If it were any other type, then we would have had to removed the tumours by operation like we did with Mr. Fierce.

I believe her past sexual desires were all part of an act to please her trainers. She was clearly traumatised by the physical demands of the game. Gardevoir's have naturally low physical defence so it's no wonder why she's spent most of her time sleeping since being admitted.

Nurse Joy came into the room with the full restore.

"Where's Sparkles?" I asked.

"I've sent her to work with Monica in the baby ward," Nurse Joy responded. "I took this from her. She walked over to the gardevoir and sprayed the full restore on gardevoir's chest. She woke up from the chemicals reacting, but still managed to look peaceful. "There you are gardevoir," Nurse Joy said. "That should help make you feel better. We'll need to give you an operation at some point and after that we can talk about your future."

The gardevoir said nothing but smiled as she tried to get back to sleep.

"Maybe should should take a week off?" Nurse Joy suggested to me. "You should see Spiritomb?"

"A week off?" I was stunned. I've never been asked to have a week off, nor have I even requested a day off. I understand the other pokémon staff having days off: they've got family and trainers to go home to. I consider my hospital to be my home. The thought of having a week off from home seemed weird to me. "But what would I do with myself?"

"As I said," Nurse Joy answered. "You can see Spiritomb at respite. You two are pretty much best friends. You've known each other for a long time."

I'm not sure if best friends is the appropriative term. We do however work very well together.

"How will the hospital cope without me?" I asked. "A lot of the staff come to me for advice all the time."

"They'll be fine," Nurse Joy replied with a smile on her face. "And when you come back from your holiday, the hospital will be fine as usual."

I frowned and said, "Well if you insist, I'll consider having a week off."

"It will be a long journey from here to Lavender Town. The next train to Lavender Town will be ready in fourty-five minutes."

I quickly turned around as if I was having some sort of heart attack. "You want me to have the week off now?"

Nurse Joy nodded. "You deserve it. You've been working so hard for many years. Everybody needs to rest. I've already bought you your ticket."

Nurse Joy handed me the ticket and I hopped backwards. "This is ridiculous," I snapped.

"What do you mean?"

"My patient is dying and you're telling me to go on holiday."

"Now that's enough Matron." Nurse Joy hugged me. "Remember you can't solve all of the hospital's problems on your own."

That's true. I can't solve all the worlds problems on my own, but I can try. I sighed. "As the matron in charge I'm asking you to respect my choice."

"It will only be for a week," Nurse Joy insisted. She rubbed my back and continued with, "Believe me Matron it's for your own good. You'll be coming back feeling refreshed."

I had been defeated. I held onto the ticket and stared at Nurse Joy. "Okay, I'll go, I'm sure Spiritomb would benefit from my visit."

"That's the spirit," Nurse Joy exclaimed. "Now you better head off to the train station."

"I will."

I waved to Nurse Joy and quietly made my way down to the train station. A part of me did want to see Spiritomb and check how he's doing, but I still couldn't help but think of that poor gardevoir. The patient didn't say much, but the words she said have me the goosebumps. 'Am I bad?' could be her very last words. Even though Nurse Joy meant no offence and had stated that I had done an excellent job over the years, I felt like stepping into the train was letting that gardevoir down.

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