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Vriska Van der Douchevald


Once she was finally done putting the stuff of her brother's Pokeball case where Vriska thought they should be, she putted their Pokemon back in their respective Pokeballs, sealing them with red beams of light in an instant.

She was ready to do some exploring, but first she decided to look if she had any other messages from Vincent. She had messages unread, indeed, but none of them were Vincent's. So you already told everyone what my username is... she thought, it was logic that Vincent had done that just to get a small revenge for his Pokeball case, now Vriska will always have to check back in her chat.

In the small touch screen, she selected a contact called Lillipuppy88, she didn't knew who it was, but she had her suspicious in the moment she saw the messages.

Lillipuppy88 messaged you

L8: Yo! Vriska! I finally got your username!
Let's celebrate spitting some rhymes!

LB: Well, well, if it isn't Jonathon!
L8: How did you knew it was me?
LB: No one else 'spits some rhymes', Jonathon,
it's obvious... What's with your username, anyways?

L8: Well, I like Lillipup, so I thought about
having Lillipuppy as my username,
but there's already 87 Lillipuppys...
so yeah.

LB: I suddenly stopped caring, Jonathon
L8: Jeez, you're so cold! Haven't you ever thought
that you might hurt some else's feelings?
Someone else being me?

LB: Did it hurt?
L8: Yes :(
snif, snif

LB: I'm sorry, I'll try to improve my attitude.
Someday, that is...
Have to go now, see ya, Jonathon!

Lovey-Buggey logged off.

L8: Holy crap you smiled! :O

Jonathon... Vriska's secret crush. If only she had the guts to tell him, but if she did that, she'll look weak, and that's something she can't let happen, no matter what the cost is.

Vriska closed the book-like gadget and returned it to its place in her belt. Since the boat will not arrive in quite a while, she will take a peek and see who else is heading towards the academy. Who knows, she may make a new friend... or a new rival.

Vriska placed the now empty Pokeballs case somewhere it couldn't make either her or her Pokemon trip, and then she exited from her room. Once outside she could hear the voice of a man yelling, he was calling a X-Transceiver 'stupid', Vriska doesn't know what a X-Transceiver is, but judging for the name, she certainly doesn't want to, she never resists the urge to hack a gadget whenever she sees one, and it would be quite rude just taking it from someone else instead of just saying 'hi'.

She took her Pokedex, not being able to resist the urge to send a message. This chat-thing is incredibly addictive, she thought. Unfortunately, she had no new messages, but she didn't log off, that way she wouldn't have to log on every single time she wants to see if she has a new message.

She finally stared around, and she saw a men with some very exotic clothing, Vriska couldn't help but stare at the men, why was he wearing those clothes? Where they comfortable? They didn't seem like that.

"H-h-hey." The man introduced himself, stuttering all the time.

He seemed old enough to be a teacher, which obviously made Vriska loose all interest in him.

"My name is Vriska." She coldly answered before asking for his name.

"I'm Darkert Creepwood."

This sentence made Vriska shudder, she excused herself, saying she had to go get something from her room.

With a somewhat fast pace, she returned to her room, slamming the door behind her, and taking her Pokedex in order to then begin a conversation with either Jonathon or Vincent.
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