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Um if Pokemonwere real and I had to have a battling team then it would be Chansey, Blissey, Wigglytuff, Clefable, Drifblim and Wobbuffet.

I love Pokemon with high HP. My favorites are Chansey and Blissey. I would also have a Jigglypuff but not necessarily in my battling team although I could switch it with Drifblim sometimes. Jigglypuff is amazing. I mean, it's so small yet it has such a high HP.

But anyway, let's focus on Chansey/Blissey. They would be great in battling as they are so tough and robust so they could tolerate damage and stall the opposing Pokemon to death...literally.
They are cute and kind and nice thus a great company.
Are you feeling sick? Refresh/Heal Bell/Aromatherapy!
Did you cut your arm? Heal Pulse and the wound is vanished!
Do you feel tired and drained? Softboiled!

So useful Pokemon. You would always be healthy and a very strong contestant in battles too because they are all very bulky and tough Pokemon.
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