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Kayla Makihatayama

Kayla yawned as she got dressed. She looked at her schedule and sighed. She didn't feel like herself today. Rosemary came our of her pokeball and mewed sadly. "I'm fine. I'm just tired.", she said. Rosemary jumped onto her shoulder. "Let's go get some breakfast.", Kayla said, walking towards the cafeteria. When she got there, she noticed someone on the floor. She walked over and bent down, noticing who it was. "Hi, Haru!", she said helping him up. She noticed Holly sitting alone in a corner. "Come on. Let's go talk to my cousin!", she said, grabbing Haru's hand and dragging him over to where Holly was. "Hey, Holly!", Kayla said. Holly looked up for a second and then groaned, putting her head back down. Molly looked at Haru for a second before turning back to Holly. "Sorry about that. She's not a morning person. Or a people person.", Kayla said.

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