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Originally Posted by gam3r!
Why didn't i post on this ?????? It's an awesome hack really good tiles,the features are also great ( like having dive and rock climb in fire red ) and the story is simple yet good to make someone play it.I really like it and im sure a lot of effort is put to make it like this.
What didn't see was a release .Will you release it when it's completed ?
For the name change you could rename it to pokemon aquamarine version ( if its not taken ) or pokemon water blue version i can't think anything else
For the battle textbox ( with the commands ) you could use orange and darker blue because light blue is kinda startling...
Anyways if you continue like that it will turn out great ! keep it up
Thanks for the feedback. I too was thinking that the colors of the textbox are a bit startling, so I probably will dull them down a bit.

As for a release, I do plan on there being a beta somewhat soon (perhaps as early as the end of September), with more to follow after that. I'll add a beta progress section to the first post sometime.

Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple
Yea, this hack is too unnoticed. You needa do something bout it.
Perhaps you are right, but there's not much I can do about that other than to keep working hard.