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Haru sighed. "Wait...IDEA!!" he threw out a pokeball and Void popped out with a loud "MUNCH!!" but to the pokemon, Hey everybody! Haru laughed as he attempted to shake hands or appendages with any pokemon and or trainer he saw. Haru laughed as he walked up to random trainers at the tables. "That's Void. He's a dork, but he's my dork." he laughed as the Munchlax stole this bigger, scary looking kid's breakfast and ran off with the rest, the fiendish looking kid in tow. "He's smarter than he looks." he said in a 'trust me' voice.
"I'm not gonna die. Each one of you risked your lives to come to my rescue, and that's why I can't let you throw away your lives now, not for me, not again. I got this. Don't worry about me, babies."
-Space Dandy
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