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Quote originally posted by helmy96:
Nice one bro! Well planned out IMO! Godspeed to you my friend
Thanks Helmy96 :D.

Quote originally posted by xawesomatorx:
I love the looks of this game! Mind if I do a let's play on it when it is completely finished because this game is amazing so far! Keep up the awesome work!
Thanks for your feedback.
Your free of doing a let's play about pokemon legacy.

Quote originally posted by Notepads:
Seems to be a good hack, Look forward for the release.
You don't have to wait much more time.
Thanks Notepads.

Quote originally posted by PokemonMasters:
nice hack like the screens and updates
Thanks PokemonMasters.


New indoor tiles for Pewter city gym and in any gym will be a announcer that will introduce the leader and the trainer who challenge the leader.

Credits to Alistair because of the rocks tiles.

Beta 1.0 will be out next month.

Available citys: Pallet City, Viridian City, Pewter City, Cerulean City and Saffron Town.

New areas: Excavation site(Near Pallet City) and Trade center(Pewter City Poke Center).

Available gyms: Pewter City(Brock), Viridian City(Luke) and Cerulean City(Misty) in this order from less challenging to more challenging.

*Main post Updated*
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