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the staff use pokémon specially bred by the Daycare to possess super strength.
Oh, I've used them before too. Near perfect IV's, specially bred moves, the perfect set of EV's... you might have battled such Pokemon on wi-fi against me way back when

Three more days, then it’s battle with Lona, and then we’re free!
I'm thinking the same thing too xD Can't wait to move on from this town xD

The trainer of the future.
But I thought the trainers of the future would have biomechanical enhancements lolololol

“I had one last year,” Michael continued. “Her name was Rebecca.”
You mean THIS Rebecca? Sorry, I just happened to take a keen interest in her case and her fugitive run from justice and eventual capture. So you'll have to excuse this little fraud based sidetracking

It was Lona Walker.
Oh my. xD But actually, I had a feeling it might be her, by putting two and two together - the fact that she doesn't speak like your average Solaceon resident, and the fact that Ted said his mystery lady didn't dress like your average Solaceon resident...

Yay, staff battles! It means they're one step closer to leaving this town xD And it's always nice seeing your name in print for an article you wrote... I've known that since I worked for my middle school's student newspaper.

I liked the start of the practice battle with switch after switch after switch. Actually reminds me of a battle I had one time But I wonder, with this Gym collecting battle data, how far does it go? Who else sees this data besides Gym staff? The League? Other leaders? I wonder if the gym has a privacy policy like websites do today, or if that trainer data is up for grabs.

Michael's getting softer... the old Michael Rowan would never had played matchmaker lol But that's definitely a shocker for them, finding out that this hardheaded gym leader might be a different person outside the Gym, especially if Ted's become smitten with her. I wonder how this whole thing's gonna play out...

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