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I'm starting to feel like I am becoming a nuisance...

I cant really use XSE for anything other than writing the scripts. For some reason, the programme does not have a command database, and I don't know how to go about doing that. Here is a screen shot to show you what i mean:

Command Database.png

And I "tested" the script after you told me what to do, and when I talk to the gym leader, a multi choice box comes up with the options "yes/no/info"
If I click yes, I get a message stating: "Hiker Sawer was registered in the PokeNav!" along with the corresponding music.

If I click no, nothing happens. If I click Info, I get an infinite amount of text come up in a text box, then the whole screen freezes, and turns "static" blue and white.

How do I "Restore" the command database? I would be really grateful if you could help me with this.
....I'm sorry for being such a newby.. but I have to start somewere.

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