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yunondmyname, thanks for that! Salamence is good. I think my Blissey wouldn't be particulalry happy about that. Anyway, as long as Blissey survives the first hit(which is very likely) it can Counter back and kill your dragon! Yeah, Blissey has a lot of HP. That's why Counter is such a great move on it!

Pokemon Trainer UV , what's exactly is your problem?
Pokemon logic fits real life logic quite well as long as battles are concerned. Nothing is numbered down in real life but there are some facts about animals that you should know. Which animal can take more shots? An elephant or a dog? An elephant, it has more HP and defense. An hyena has a stronger bite than a cheetah. Thus it has more attack. A buffalo also has more attack than a cheetah because it is stronger.
Don't be fooled by the games. The anime is a much better comparison to how it would be in a real battle. Pokemon are able to dodge and attack.

A dog can beat a wolf sometimes because dogs first of all have more attack and defense(dogs are indeed much sturdier than wolves). Thus in Pokemon logic they can take more bites while the wolf won't endure many bites from the dog. Also, a dog may be lucky and bite the wolf on the neck thus it will win. That would be a Critical Hit in Pokemon battles. Everything fits.
Pikachu is only able to beat a dragonite in the anime because its a kid show and kids wanna cheer with pikachu! In the game, Pikachu will never KO a dragonite. However, electricity is electricity and no matter how big you are you may die after a thunderbolt. Thus Pikachu, even being small, could kill an Arcanine or something much larger if it managed to dodge the bites and attack. It's very simple. In real life, a lion has little chance to kill a buffalo alone. They do it in packs most of the time. Lions have high attack and speed. Buffalos have high HP, Attack and Defense. Thus a lion may manage to kill a lion alone but only if it manages to dodge the horns and attack the buffalo several times.

Also, it's my thread so you are not the one who will choose the rules. It's a pure 'what if' thread so I really can't understand why you can't suppose that those are the rules. I mean, nothing hard about it. Just get over it.
You are not allowed to have more than 1 Pokemon in a battle. Deal with it. It's governments laws. Better now?
Psychic types won't be much fun when they just control your Pokemon from a mile away, manipulating it like a ragdoll and beating it on the ground till it faints while it can't do anything but hang on there helplessly.
Okay, about the tutor thing you are right.
Also, you can't just delete your Pokemon's weakness. It's tail will be put out after a water gun. It's a fire Pokemon. It will always be weak to water. Thinking that YOU will help it get over it's weakness by training is immature. You would be a trainer not a wizard. It's more likely to get a psychic type to not be afraid of bugs since its just a mental fear but not make a fire type neutral to water which is a physical weakness.
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