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Originally Posted by mavy42 View Post
Chipsoft, I'ma apply as banner maker. Even though your hack is not that great, I think it has potential! I have made a WhiteGranite X and BlackGranite X banner. If you want a redo, just say the word! Give Credits! Add me as friend!

HTML Code:

HTML Code:
Thank you very much,Mavy!I love them!
After the errors I encountered I have to admit that POKEMON WHITEGRANITE X is canceled.However, I won't cancel BlackGranite X because I aleready fixed the tile errors&bugs&glitches in it.Currently sending Beta 6.3 to Sako10.

Inportant Inforamation in the post above:
(If you're too lazy to read the post above)
  • Pokemon WhiteGranite X is cancelled
  • Pokemonn BlackGranite X stays,though.

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