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Ignis & Fulgur
Children's City

As Ignis and Fulgur approached the city and the group gathered at the entrance he started to hear bits and pieces of their conversation.

: “… killing any kids…
: “… hurting kids… … rid the city of adults ...
: “… free that city … killing a bunch of kids ...
: “ … buried under the overturned asphalt …

This perked Ignis’ interest, sure he may not have heard exactly what had been said, but what he did hear sounded like it be fun. Fulgur, however, heard the complete conversation, he did not have selective hearing like his brother. He knew that instant that his brother was going to get involved in whatever was going down, and that meant he was getting dragged in too, for better or worse.

As the twins got closer to the group Ignis approached first, a semi evil grin on his face. He introduced himself and Fulgur as he got close enough, both standing almost directly beside the two girls of the group by the end of his introduction.

Ignis: “Hello, I’m Ignis, this is my twin brother Fulgur. I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation as we approached and I’d like to offer my help. If you’ll allow it that is..”

His words seemed gentle for someone who basically only thought about killing. Did he generally want to offer his help, or was this some sort of trick? Probably the latter. Fulgur stared at his brother for a moment before looking over the group. They were completely unaware of what just walked up to them. For their sake he hoped they accepted Ignis’ ‘help’ at least that way he can keep Ignis to focusing on adults of a city rather then fellow wielders.

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