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My final update guys. eh i'll just skip to the elite 4

Went to go pick up Bulbasuar Charmander Squirtle and Eevee.
Grinded them to pikachu's level (65)
Caught Dratini and grinded him
Swept Lorelei with Venasuar and Pikachu
Swept Bruno with Blastoise and Dragonite
Had some trouble with agatha but didn't lose anyone
Swept Lance with Vaporeons Ice Beam and Pikachu's thunderbolt
Blastiose and Jolteon took out all of Blues pokemon, except for Jolteon that Honor went to pikachu.\
After the game save i turned it off. No one knows what N did with his pokemon afetr you beat him for the last time right?
Avatar Credit goes to the creator.
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