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For some reason, Vincent’s words cut a little deep. Victoria knew he probably didn’t mean them that way, but it still caused her to flinch a little inwardly. ‘He could think of “worse” people to be trapped on an island with,’ she thought to herself. ‘He can only “stand” to be around me? Out of the people he’s met "so far" here,’ The thoughts continued to race through her head.

It wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for her company. Victoria knew she wasn’t good at talking with people, but she thought this time maybe, just maybe, she might have made a friend. Apparently she thought wrong. Even his complement about being great company didn’t quite make up for the rest.

She started to tap her index finger against the knee cap of her right leg again. The rhythm serving as a small escape and comfort. Her persona went from happy to reserved in a matter of moments. She slumped her shoulders forward, withdrawing from him as he stayed stretched out on the sand.

“Yeah, sure,” was all she said in reply under her breath. Her attention returning wholly to the fire. ‘I guess you’re pretty crappy company after all,’ she continued with her inward reflection.

“Archie did discover something on his flight yesterday,” Victoria said absent mindedly, her tone melancholy and withdrawn. “I guess we should figure out what it was...” Her sadness turning to anger, the fire in her belly began to match the fire in front of her. She had a hard time controlling the hurt she felt. Of course, she had only known him for a day, maybe less, but she still had hoped to count him as a friend.

The rest of her Pokemon already out of their balls, she reached down and let Archie free from his Pokeball. He flapped his wings excitedly, swooping over the area and landing swiftly on her head. The weight causing her neck to give a little underneath it. “Chen, chen,” he chirped happily in stark contrast of Victoria’s mood.
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