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^ It means Kirby of Darkness.
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(Big) Changelog:
-Added a pallet!
-Fixed a few outlines, most notably the tongue and the green body
-Shaded, with a little anti-aliasing and all. Although again I'm not good at shading and anti-alias so if someone could touch it up a bit that could be great
-And the biggest thing - I removed the arms and legs. Yes, I know this is a major change that removes some of Creampuff's and Elgyem's ideas, but all things considered, I believe it's for the best. Remember - this is a Pokemon, and most Pokemon are not clashes of majorly different animals/creatures. A king worm/snail/bug ... thing should not have mammalian limbs coming out of its shell.

Although of course if you think it is too much here's the limb version -

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