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Okay based on the first post I understand that you can get a Fire Stone in Mt. Fiery after the 4th Gym. I have 5 gym badges but whenever I enter Mt. Fiery from Route I or Teaes City I look all over the place. I don't see any pokeballs other than the one behind the magma grunt that won't move and I've tried using the Itemfinder too but I can't find anything either. Could someone please help?

Nevermind about the fire stone, I found it. But I'm having trouble now finding the quest man near Hotasita that gives you the quest for the coral. He's not showing up, and I think what happened was that I found it and picked it up and it has now disappeared from my bag. I was looking for answers and saw that someone had the same problem, so Sky posted a mediafire link that I'm guessing was a patch for that problem. Anyone know anything about this?

Since I have no luck finding out how to fix the problem, I've come up with a patch of sorts. It places another quest man in the upper left area of Ocepac and every time you talk to him he should give you 10 QP. This should replace the 10 that you may not be able to get from the special coral mission. I will post the link to my fix of the rom if it works.

Alright here's a link ( to my edited rom with the extra quest man in the top left area of Ocepac. It is meant so that you can get the ten extra QP in replacement of the special coral quest. This edit is meant to help people who can't access that quest and receive the 10 QP needed to get the last ticket, not to abuse to get QP the easy way. Seriously, do the quests and missions you can because you need some of them to continue the story. I hope this helps anyone else with this problem. Also, you need to change the name of the rom to the name of your battery file or else your save won't load.
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