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Quote originally posted by Saving Raven:
Thanks, thats a lot of constructive criticism,
1st, the fire dragon its not supposed to be a fin, more like a split, i might make that more predominant, but its evolution is going to have like, 2 tails
Ohh, that makes sense. I mistook it for a fin since it kinda reminds me of Vaporeon's fin.

Quote originally posted by Saving Raven:
2nd, I was just trying to make the maps from how I thought it should look (from my head), they arent finished they are more or less, beta. I just wanted to see how they worked, and then go from there, but you're right, they are very lame xDD
Yeah, I already thought that's the case. I'm sure you'll improve them - post pictures when you do.

Oh, now that I've mentioned Vaporeon, I remembered to ask you, since you're adding custom Pokemon, do you plan to create an eeveelution for every type? That'd be awesome, and you could do it easily with your drawing skills.

Any spriter interested in having their Fakemon appear in a fan game? Or designing fake Mega Evolutions? Shoot me a PM
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