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Originally Posted by c3pu View Post
i dont think my last post was clear enough so i hope this one is clearer

so what i want to do is in pokemon emerald replace May's green sprite ("ttp://
by her red ones from ruby
i don't know what tool to use cause nse don't seem to work with emerald and i cant seem to find the over world sprite in the ruby rom (tried to extract them like i did with the back sprite from the battle animation) and i cant even open the emerald rom in nse.
also wen i tried to use unlz the sprites are all messed up and i dont know how to get them to show properly.
finally is there a list of location or something somewhere that tells were the player sprite are located(all of those in the picture above i have no idea were to find them(except for back sprite))?
NSE is completely and utterly compatible with Emerald...if you're having problems opening it, then your ROM is either messed up, your NSE is messed up, or you're doing something wrong.

If all you want to do is change the color from red to green in the OW, a simple palette change will suffice. Ruby and Emerald use the exact same sprites, just different palettes.

For the Males:
Ruby: 0x310F48
Emerald: 04987F8

For the Females:
Ruby: 0x31B7A8
Emerald: 0x4A3078

Simply use APE or a hex editor, and transfer the colors.

Originally Posted by Flannery Lue View Post
Umm.. lol. I think you misread my post. I am trying to make an "EMERALD" hack, and Diego stated that he does not like emerald, ruby, and sapphire ROM's.
I used the commands from his tutorial, and I think that they are for Fire red, and leaf green. I dont think that they are compatible with emerald, so that is were my problems lay. I need commands for Pokemon Emerald version, if you could help me, I would be very grateful.. I'm sorry for being such a noob.
Commands are cross-compatible between all three games, except for one or two commands (like "setworldmapflag and signmsg"). If you're having errors, i suggest redownloading XSE, since it sounds like the command database got deleted.

I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.