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Thanks everyone, but please post any ideas you have.

Quote originally posted by Iacobus:
Another one.. People should just use grit and then deal with the palettes.

Anyway, in my opinion the UI needs a lot of work and the coding can be cleaner too.
Also, why don't you use classes? o.O

Apart from that, I wish you the best of luck.
PS: Try not to focus on Pokémon games only.
I agree with all of your points. But this is the first I've heard of grit; looks interesting.

I dunno, when I use C# I just don't use classes. I don't really use C# for anything anyway, I only use C++ at uni. I should probably get into the habit of writing my code cleaner to begin with though.

I actually wrote this so I could hack another GBA game more easily. The already available editors here and so slow and annoying to use.

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