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Quote originally posted by Banjora Marxvile:
For the instrument, this can be done in your .s file. In the original song, see what number the instruments you want use in Sappy are (the pink number in Sappy when you click the triangle to expand the information). Then, open your .s file with Notepad, and find .byte VOICE and change the number behind it to the number that you previously looked at and wrote down. Then repeat for all tracks as all tracks have .byte VOICE.

For the looping, you forgot to add towards the end of the song (where the loop should kick in):

.byte GOTO
.word 00C8_1_loop

on each track (replacing 1 with 2 and so on for each track)
Thanks you very much, dude! That's work! You helped me very much!

Now I have two quick question.

I play a hacked rom and hear the town track has a sound like claping sound, I wanted to use it too. But I can't found it, do you know which of the Fire Red Rom voice group having claping voice?

I downloaded Anvil Studio 2012, and I wanted to edit midi track, I installed it, but when I run it, it appeared "Anvil Studio 2012 has stopped working" error. I'm windows 7, how to fix it?