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Originally Posted by docowocool View Post
Wow, I just read 9 chapters and will read some more later. Really interesting how the story goes. Does Rown ever get to the league ? I always n my old ruined and binned fanfics had Oak or Rowan as champion until someone usuallycalled Chaos beats him. LOL. few typos but wow I usually go mental at them but I didnt. Shows the quality. Dunnowhy but always thought of Michael Rowan as Luke Skywalker. LO. IKR mental arent I. Looking forwards to the rest.
I saw your review. Sorry I took so long to reply; I was really close to getting done with the chapter, so I decided to reply to yours right after.

Does Michael ever get to the League tournament? You'll see... It's not an easy path to take. I'm glad you're enjoying the story! Hopefully I'll have many more new chapters posted by the time you catch up.


Oh, I've used them before too. Near perfect IV's, specially bred moves, the perfect set of EV's... you might have battled such Pokemon on wi-fi against me way back when
Yeah, I never really bothered with that stuff. It seems like too much work to be doing for a game... especially if you don't plan on battling anyone anytime soon and your WiFi connection doesn't work.

I'm not alluding specifically to competitive battling here, since I can't imagine a way to give a real-life explanation for IVs and EVs. (Unless in the future I write a fic that takes place in the year 3450, where biotechnology is so advanced that trainers can analyze a pokemon's DNA with the press of a button... that would be the real Trainer of the Future.)

I liked the 'switch after switch after switch' part too. Hehe. It reminds me of what I do when I battle.

And don't worry... there are only three chapters left in Solaceon Town. You'll get to see how everything plays out with Lona, Michael, Henry, Bertha, Ted... and everyone else in due time.

The next chapter will be short (because I need a break too from these 20-pagers!), so hopefully it won't take me as long to complete as this one.

I know I say that every time.

See you next chapter!
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