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Originally Posted by LugiaMZ View Post
Thanks you very much, dude! That's work! You helped me very much!

Now I have two quick question.

I play a hacked rom and hear the town track has a sound like claping sound, I wanted to use it too. But I can't found it, do you know which of the Fire Red Rom voice group having claping voice?

I downloaded Anvil Studio 2012, and I wanted to edit midi track, I installed it, but when I run it, it appeared "Anvil Studio 2012 has stopped working" error. I'm windows 7, how to fix it?

I don't work 100% on Firered, best bet is to look at what VoiceGroup the town track plays and go from there.

Anvil Studio 2012 runs perfectly fine on Windows 7 for me, so I have no idea what the problem is, best bet is to look on their site for a troubleshoot or something.

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