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Vincent Phoenix

Vincent watched as Victoria seemed alot more cold than just a few moments ago, almost uncharacteristically so. She refused the brush before waving Vincent off and headed towards the fish with her Pokémon in tow. Normally, this would annoy Vincent to the point of no return, but since he knew that this was probably his fault, he only felt annoyed at himself, letting out a soft sigh.

He gave the other guy a glance before shrugging his shoulders lightly, reaching to his Pokéball hanging at his belt. “I guess we better get the fish cooking. By the way, good job on catching them.” He gave the other guy a nod before releasing Ace, his Kadabra, once again. “Hey Ace. We need the fish up here. Could you use Psychic to take them along?” Ace nodded and they both went towards the pile of fish, Vincent trying not to look into Victoria’s eyes as he passed her, not having noticed that she had caught one of the Remoraids.

He stopped in front of the pile, his mind still occupied with Victoria as he gave his head a little shake, grunting somewhat. “Alright, just grab a bunch and I’ll try to take a pair as well.” He waited for Ace to lift up a couple of fish with his psychic abilities and slowly hover them back towards the fire, before picking out two dead Remoraids, which he carried under his arms, with a bit of trouble, considering how slippery they were.

After a few moments of fiddling with having a good grasp of them, he went back towards the fire, placing the fish next to the ones Victoria and Ace had brought back, dusting his hands off. “Alright. I’ll go get a few sticks we can use to cook them on.” With a reserved little nod, Vincent went over to the edge of the jungle and began looking for sticks long enough to use them as sort of spears to hold the fish on, Ace meanwhile sitting down next to the fire, crossing his legs and closing his eyes in a meditative manner.

As Vincent were looking for the sticks, he was beating himself up mentally for ruining what was starting to become a rather nice friendship, but he wasn’t just going to let up there. As soon as he and Victoria went into the jungle to find what Archie had found, he would try to make amends. With a plan in mind, he seemed a lot more at ease, nodding to himself as he continued to rummage through the undergrowth.

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