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Quote originally posted by 4th Gen Matt:
I was incredibly surprised to see my name in the special thanks, considering I haven't been online in over a year.

Well, I suppose I'll give it a try then.

*I take it English isn't your first language? Well, no matter, I can understand the gist of what everybody's saying, which is what's important. I'm liking everything so far although the movement seems a bit clunky? I dunno', just the first thing I noticed.
I was incredibly surprised to see you here, you aren't active in around three years! But I am searching resources and other stuff since around 2010 beginning, so I checked several topics, even some older ones, just like a good developer hunting resources need to do.

About the movement, are you talking about the m/s pauses or the stepping animation? The first one its a strange problem in some PCs> In my tests this problem disappears after the first game minutes, I thinks that the computer automatic adjusts to this game as this problem is indifferent if you have save files or not. The second its because I prefer than the ones with the new stepping animation, because I thinks the newer is too fast, but I probably change it on a new version.

Quote originally posted by jeisin0096:
First of all I'd like to say great game, I'm having a lot of fun. I do have a question though, at what rank is it possible to purchase stones(fire, water, ect.) from the store? And are you going to ever release any sort of walk-through or at least details on where pokemon are located and such?
And one last thing, accuracy overall seems to have been tweeked with, in my opinion, a little too much. I found at the beginning of the game missing tackle at the start of the match. Maybe I've just been lucky in for the past 10+ years but I've never had attacks like that straight up miss for no reason. But like I said before, love the game. Great job!
At Rank 9 you can buy the stones.

I am against the idea of the game creators making walkthrough of his game, if the creator want to display these thing, spread throughout the game (primarily on NPCs). In my case I put several NPCs saying tips, mainly at Pokémon Island Hotel. About the locations, there is a researcher in the Research and Development Center that tells you some pokémon locations that you don't have in your Pokédex, a big system that I made that covers the several obtain methods at the Pokémon Island. There is also the Pokédex area option.

There an accuracy error in 1.1b that every move have 1% more of miss change, but it was corrected in 1.1c. I believe that your miss is only lucky, remember that Tackle have 95% accuracy chance.

Quote originally posted by Scorpiopt:
is there any probable date on the next version?
Quote originally posted by Topic: will not come before 2013.
Quote originally posted by cronos5010:
i have a question where can i find fossils ?
There is an area that you can see shiny points on walls, these points has a chance of having the fossils.
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