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That is very strange. All of those events me, Tajaros, and another tester played through and they worked fine. Did you patch it to a New Fire Red Rom & not the same one everytime there was an update? If you did And started your save game over, it should've worked. I don't know what's the problem...Well I will be adding an extended update to the main thread that fixes the Victini Problem for sure this time. If the full victini event doesn't happen for you, I made it where you can still talk to the old guy and he'll give you Victini no matter what after his speech. Also, for those who have traveled pass that city and can't go back, I've created an opening to go back from Mystic Falls to Aroma Town through Falls Route. The jump ledges aren't blocking it off anymore. Do not download the ips in the main post Right Now, I will have a better posted one in a couple of hours.

EDIT: Okay, so all events Before the frozen dungeon and kyurem's den(other then the victini and 1 of the events on the ship. Which I fixed in the rom on the main post already) are not working? Okay, Tajaros will get on changing it up right away. Should be fixed by the end of the night. These events not working is very fustrating as it's stopping me from progressing further into completing the full game. But we'll get it done!