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Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post
It sounds like you just have a large dislike of Zekrom for some reason and really prefer Reshiram, I don't agree with this much

I always figured Reshiram was more popular than Zekrom. Like, in every pole or search on the subject people always liked Resh more, either because of design or Special Attack. Which I don't mind because, even though I prefer Zekrom, Reshiram is still badass. And Kyurem was downplayed in either Serebii or Smogon, saying it was a lackluster battler. So I've never known Kyurem to be liked that much.

I don't think the two are overrated really, they're the newest legendaries and in 6th gen (if there IS a 6th gen) people will move on. At least that's my opinion lol
Very nice opinion.. I agree completely actually.. I actually didn't know that Reshiram used to be on the upper-hand.. Interesting! Thanks for the response.