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I have a couple extra tips.

- Cards that have a ridiculously high HP (more than 200 on an common or an uncommon) are definitely fake. Of course, there might be people who are smart enough to leave the HP as is, so make sure to check the other signs too.
- Cards with different fonts than usual are fake. Check out the Fake Card guide to see what the font should look like.
-Normal fake cards will be really soft (like paper, but a tad bit harder), and a holo fake card will be incredibly hard, almost like corrugated cardboard, and feel like Mylar. Real cards will have the consistency of cardstock. Basically, if it looks like little thought was put into decorating the holo, it's most likely fake.
-By the same note, if a stress mark appears after a light bending, it's fake. I only say this because don't want to damage it in case it's actually real, but that's an alternative to the rip test.
-Holos will be incredibly shiny. If you can vaguely see yourself inside the holo, the card is fake. In a real card you should see smudges of light, and the normal holo (not the reverse) gives you a sense of depth, given that you look at the right angle. If it simply looks shiny it's not a real card.
- The back of the card looks light. This tip requires you to have at least one real card, any card. Doesn't have to be rare, just verified as legitimate in every way possible. Take the real card and place it next to the suspicious card. If the suspicious card is lighter than the real card, it is definitely fake.

So yeah, these are my extra tips. I'm sorry if I repeated you, but that's what I thought are the most important tips imo that I didn't find on your guide.

Also pics

Legitimate card:
Fake card:

Legitimate holo:
Fake holo:
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