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Lucia Francisco Bernavard

Lucia had heard Sheinja were rather strange pokemon and Mark's explanation just seemed to confirm that theory to her. For a while it was quiet then the Poliwhirl Mark had began to pull at his pants and pointed at Diana. Apparently
Diana wanted to battle the water type and it seemed that his pokemon wanted to battle as well.

Lucia smiled and nodded eagerly, "Sure! We have enough time I suppose."

She got up and picked up Diana who wiggled about in her arms. "I'll tear you asunder and hit you into next week!" She shouted at Len as Lucia walked back out and put her down on the ground gently.

Tyro of course walked out after her as did Samuel. Roberto made sure to stay right behind her and keep any pesky ghosts away. Diana clawed at the ground, "Come on! Fight me now! No stalling!"
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