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Maxwell Leggingsteele

"Yeah, Togepis are pretty neat!" Maxwell smiled as he looked at the egg for a moment, "However I don't really know much about them aside from that they usually interpret the first person they see as their mother... Also they have that happy-go-lucky personality all the time." He said and started to think more about the Pokémon Genevieve had been talking about. So Deerling was its name? Sounded like a pretty interesting Pokémon, he'd have to check it out with her later. As for now, he was craving food!

"Well, I'm not sure actually..." He responded at Genevieve's question about what food he would take, "I think," he began, choosing the words with great care, "I'm gonna' have some yoghurt and some cereal and some bread, nothing too fancy. Besides, it's gonna' be one heck of an order once again with all my Pokémon wanting something. Speaking of which," he said and let out his other Pokémon, "What do you guys want?"

"SWINUB!"(PANCAKES!) Wilson exclaimed. He was at his hungriest in the mornings. He was so hungry tht even one of the legs of the tables seemed asty to him.

"Quilava."(Roasted veggies please.) Quillie said without further thought to the subject.

"Tympole?"(Do they have seaweed?) Katam asked curiously as he flopped around on the floor.

"Quilava!"(Be resonable, of course they don't!) Quillie said to Katam in an annoyed tone. Upon hearing this, the Tympole became conflicted. He didn't know what to get then, which he stated in a sad voice.

Slackey just wanted a banana as usual and Hugin demanded the finest seeds from the finest Sitrus Plants! Of course he did so in a very dramatical voice. The Togepi-Egg said nothing. It just sat there in its glassed container without even moving an inch.

Maxwell nodded at everyone's request for breakfast, making sure that he had memorized everything. He then suggested that they went to take a table. After a while of looking around they found a moderatly-sized table to sit at and made their way over there. Maxwell put down the Egg-Case and asked both Hugin and Slackey to jump off for a second so that he could rest his head and shoulder for a moment. While resting, he suggested that Genevieve would go to get her food first.
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