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C.J. Styles
Poke Center --> Dead Forest

C.J. you’re Pokemon are all ready to go” Nurse Joy called. C.J. turned off the PC he was at and walked over to the counter. “Thanks, guess I should head to class now.” he said. Nurse Joy smiled at him as he took his poke balls back and recalled Custos at the same time leaving only Ace out once again.

He left the Pokemon Center and walked towards the Class areas. After several minutes of walking he reached his class. Locked. Was he locked out for being late? Or was the teacher not here yet? It didn’t really matter. C.J. glanced around briefly and saw a bench across the hallway. Taking a seat he waited for any sign of people in the Classroom. After realizing the class was empty he stood and walked back outside.

Guess we’ll just take the day off of classes?” he said to Ace. “Guess so. Why don’t we go to the Dead Forest place you were reading about? By the things that were said about it, it probably be best to go in daylight.” Ace suggested. C.J. let out a light laugh, “Scared?” he mocked but he knew that Ace had a point and started walking towards the forest. “I’m not scared, it just makes the most sense, besides, we have to find a rare Pokemon that we know little about, might take the full day anyway.” Again C.J. knew Ace was right.

As they walked through the forest C.J. couldn’t help but feel as if he was being watched. He constantly shifted his eyes watching the path sides as they continued. His mind couldn’t help to wonder to the egg he would receive, what could it be if his dad was so sure he’d like it? Had to be a Dragon type, but what.. He couldn’t figure it out so he wiped the thoughts from his mind. Best not be distracted if those Murderer rumors were true.

As he got farther into the forest he noticed the plant life was slowly dying off. “Must be getting close.” he thought as an eerie feeling started to creep up his spine. It was even worse then the feeling of being watched yet he couldn’t figure out what it was. Was he scared? Nervous? No. So what could it be.. Must just be the area with all these Ghost types present they must give off some weird vibe.

He ignored the feeling as best he could and continued inward, looking all around for any sight of a Golett. The sooner he found one and left this awful place, the better.
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