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Mostly, yes. Where I live, sophomores are required to take a civics and economics class, which explains much of America's political system and handling money in general. The thing is, I've taken it at an honors level, not to mention that I tend to be one of the top students in my class, which means other students may not have acquired as much knowledge as I have. My school also offers electives that teach students about college life and even more in-depth and higher class related to economics.

And as Toujours said above, these things seem to be something that a parent should teach, nor a teacher.

And about your second question. It's understandable that someone who plans to major in writing does not need to know advanced calculus, but there are far too many jobs in the STEM field(and even some in the humanities) that requires a decent knowledge of math, even though most high school kids tend to simply shrug mathematics off as useless luggage. By removing the core math material (Such as the Pythagorean Theorem, which is one of the most basic concepts of geometry), we may end up inhibiting America's technological edge.
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