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Thanks for the comment! It's a shame when reviews get lost. I had that happen a few times myself, so I've gotten into the habit of copying my reviews.

I think this chapter has the most affiliation with the title, but my goal for the title is to be thematic rather than so plain and obvious as illustrated here. Still, I did feel the need to mention stars somewhere as I actually did watch the meteor showers as I wrote it. I thought it was only appropriate haha. And yes, Reggie will appear next chapter. I know my story's plot is extremely obscure, but hopefully the next one explains itself better.

I do know that some people prefer to capitalize Pokemon names, but I don't in my stories. Pokemon names are basically the species, and it's like saying dog or cat or cow, which aren't capitalized. I find that Pokemon names are common names rather than anything that deserves to be capitalized. But in reality, it's just a preference.

Again, thanks!
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