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Originally Posted by rambokiller View Post
Does anybody now how much a deck of 1st edition shadowless cards are worth? if you do, let me know.
As in, a complete set? Or do you just have a 60 card deck consisting of such cards?

Originally Posted by foursquare View Post
So, uh... i kinda stumbled on to this site while trying to find the worth of some cards i just bought at a garage sale.... i got roughly 2000 cards for $2. and a bunch of them are shiny...
as per your format heres a few. I just want a rough idea on how much this stuff is worth. thank you.
Card name: Japanese.... not sure, im assuming zapados. a yellow angular bird.
Set: not sure, its like a little pokeball and it looks like BYM but im not sure.
collection thing: No.145, The back side says pocket monsters card game 1996.
Shadows: Yea there is a shadow behind the picture.

so from what i vaguely remember its one of those legendary birds. so i got a bunch of these shiny ones. theres the blue bird No.144, the flaming oneNo.146, 2 zapy onesNo.145, a charizard No.006, and a No.026... i havent even bothered going through the english ones yet. but if you could give me an idea. thank you again!
Regarding that first Zapdos with the PokeBall for a set symbol, it's a vending machine one. That goes for between $10 and $15.
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