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Originally Posted by LightningAlex View Post
One more thing that bothers me (But I pay more attention to the details than "normal" people), is that the entrance to the Center+Mart is right in the middle, but on the inside it's moved to the left. Moving it to the middle won't change the aesthetics of the map, but it'll kinda make more sense... I don't know, I just pay a lot of attention to that kinda stuff xD (The Pokeball on the floor, too... IMHO it'll look better if its center is in front of Nurse Joy, or whatever the nurses are called in your game xD)
the maps look good.
Thanks, I had to read what you said like 3 times, before I got what you meant, and I totally didnt even see that xDD I was trying to place the entrance and pokeball where it made sense inside, and didnt even think about the entrance xDD I'll work on that, and thanks for the compliment :3

Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post
The new cave entrance looks good. If you want it to have the illusion of going down, I'd try creating a custom graphic for that. If you could somehow edit the "downward cave entrance" to fit properly with the other graphics, maybe it would seem fitting.

I love the new Pokémon Center. The idea of merging a PC and PM seems so fitting, that it also saves on mapping space. The PC and PM merged together looks really cool.

And the border around the kitchen makes sense. It doesn't seem out of place, and I just think it's a good idea.
Thanks, I made custom graphics for a lot of these nit-picky things I've shown, I think I'll try a hand at the cave entrance, it just bothers me how awkward it looks >.< I want it to be perfect, thanks for the compliment on the PC+PM, and as Alex said, I might try changing the Tiles, I'll work on it...that and the kitchen, i have an idea!

Now I have a lot to work on, the next step though is working on world maps...I cant get the grass right any tips would be greatly appreciated! I need to do some research on it (if there is anything)
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